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A twenty-something year old with too much time on her hands. Wayward Son, Ravenclaw, Time Lord, Night Vale Citizen, Kaiju Groupie, Nerdfighter. <3
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I watched Pacific Rim with my friend and drew a bunch of little doodles! here are the ones i liked


I don’t ship Destiel in the hopes of seeing two men fuck each other in the Impala.

I ship Destiel in the hopes of seeing two men confront their love for each other.

There’s a difference.

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"why do you listen to kpop when you cant even understand it?"


#ring ding dong ring ding dong ring dingy ding dingy ding ding ding

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Do you ever forget that you can’t speak japanese so you try to multitask while watching subbed anime and realize fuck i have no idea what just happened

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YG Family cover project 001- Akmu |Eyes, Nose Lips Cover|

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